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If you are looking to sell scrap metal, then contact us. We work with established scrap metal dealers operating across the UK and are able to provide our services in most locations in Britain. In the ever changing world of scrap metal, we are the constant that offers services that put you, the customer, at the front.

It is our job to keep you informed of the implications of movement in the metals market, in other words, our approved metal recyclers give you real time prices. With this in mind, we are looking to maximise your profits, and ensure that you receive the best possible prices for your scrap metal.

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Who's Approved

We work with approved scrap metal merchants and scrap metal dealers who offer a first class service to their customers.

Most of the merchants that we work with offer facilities to the public and commercial organisations, although some do tend to be specialist dealers for larger companies.


Scrap Metal Yard


To find your local approved metal recyclers put your post code in the box above and you will be driected to the nearest merchants. You will also find details on the company and contact details should you need to talk to them before a visit.


Why Do Scrap Metal Prices Go Up And Down

Scrap metal values are subject to market forces and are a traded commodity like anything from coffee beans to oil. The price of scrap metal will alter on a regular basis as it is moved by economic forces driven by supply and demand.

Nowadays, more than ever before, the domestic scrap metal prices are driven by the international market, and it would be fair to say that the international market in scrap metal values is being driven by China.

The Chinese economy is the powerhouse behind the world’s economies at the present time and their demand for metal to fuel their economic growth is dominating world scrap metal prices. Some analysts believe that Chinese scrap metal brokers are stock piling reserves so as they can control the future prices of scrap metal, whilst others dispute this theory.

One thing is for sure, the Earth has a finite amount of natural resources and as these begin to run out the price of scrap metal and scrap metal values will continue to rise.